Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Large Hypoallergenic Dogs

If you love dogs but are forced to stay away from them because of allergies then perhaps it's time for you to consider getting a hypoallergenic dog. These dogs don't shed too much hair & dander like other dogs and are therefore, not considered as allergy causing as others. There are a lot of these hypoallergenic dogs which people can live with for years without any trouble. But what about if you like big dogs? Do you have to sacrifice your dream of owning big dogs if you have allergies? The answer is no. There are many medium sized hypoallergenic dogs for you to choose from as well.

Even if you are allergic to dog hair & dander then you can consider getting a Spanish water dog. These dogs resemble the sheep dogs you used to see in the Looney Tunes show. They are intelligent and fun loving and have oodles of energy to swim, play and work throughout the day. When trained properly, they can be the ideal pet for your children as well. The dog is quite intelligent as well and can easily become an important member of your home or farm. This dog has a unique coat which makes it look like it has dreadlocks to a certain extent. The dog has an excellent work ethic and easily be trained as search dogs, sniffer dogs, etc. They are excellent therapy dogs as well.

Another excellent dog breed for allergic people is the Bouvier des Flandres. The owners of these dogs claim that they are excellent for people with allergies. This dog can grow quite big and you shouldn't be surprised if it grows to weigh more than 90 pounds. The dog was primarily supposed to help herd cattle and sheep but is an excellent guard dog as well. They have thick, shaggy hair which is suitable for colder climates although it requires quite a lot of work to keep it properly groomed. You will have to get its hair trimmed at least once in 6 weeks.

The last dog I am going to talk about in this article is the Mexican hairless known as the Xoloitzcuintle. This dog comes in various sizes with the biggest one growing to weigh about 60 pounds. This breed is extremely rare though and is completely bald. However, some of them do have thin coats. These dogs are very intelligent, athletic, loyal & loving. They form a strong bond with their owners as well.

So you see you don't only have to choose small hypoallergenic dogs. So choose any of the large breeds listed above and enjoy the benefits of owning a dog without worrying about allergies today.